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Home Projects Audio Amp (1976) Nothing Box (1968) Whistle Switch (1974)
Power Supplies Constant Current (1976) Dual Tracking (1976) Switching (1977)
Two-Day Projects Oscilloscope (1981) 68HC11 Function Generator (1991)

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MC68HC908 Introduction (2001)

EDFA sample code using 68HC11 (1997)

This section describes an S11 network analyzer (2006).

ADuC841 C Code Example - Link with Assembly Code

ADuC841 Assembly Code Example - Link with C Code

Visual Basic 3.0 Code to interface with C and ASM code above.

Block Diagram

Orcad Schematic File

Prototype Pictures

A Block Diagram, that is more clear, is in this file.

FIR and IIR assembly language program (main.asm) for Freescale MC56F84789VLL DSP (2014)

Sample coefficient file (dspfilter.asm) that works with main.asm for Freescale MC56F84789VLL DSP (2014)

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A program for Multistage Decimation, Interpolation, and Narrow Band Filtering
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