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This site contains public-domain schematics for a dual-trace, triggered oscilloscope, and some theory. Click on the topic in the table below to see the schematic for that block.

Software Oscilloscopes Winscope 2.51 Scope2K

Adjustable Attenuator

DC-10MHz Amp

Analog Switch

Vertical Deflection Amplifier

Sweep Generator

CRT and Power Supply

Blanking Pulse Generator

Horizontal Deflection Amplifier

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I designed and built this oscilloscope in 1986 using the chassis of a non-working vacuum tube oscilloscope, keeping only the original high voltage vacuum tube supply and CRT. This construction project is only for the experienced designer, since you will want to change and adapt parts of the circuit to accommodate new semiconductors and devices. I recommend that you do not build an oscilloscope from these schematics, but rather, understand the design principles and come up with a more modern design. The bandwidth can easily be extended beyond 100 MHz by using inexpensive high speed drivers and op-amps. Delayed sweep, and other features, are easy to add.

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