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1. RF Design is an excellent and free magazine dedicated to the design and analysis of analog, RF, and microwave circuits. Call 1-800-441-0294 for subscription inquiries. Photocopies of individual articles are available from UMI Information Store, 1-800-248-0360. Send email to

2. Electronic Engineering Times This free magazine is an industry newspaper for engineers and technical management.

3. Electronic Design This is a free magazine for engineers and engineering managers. Includes articles by Bob Pease. For subscription inquiries call 1-216-696-7000. Send email to the editorial headquarters at

4. EDN Magazine, This is a free magazine dedicated to the electronics industry. Dilbert

5. Microwaves & RF This is a free magazine for electrical engineers dedicated to microwaves and rf. For subscription inquiries call 1-216-696-7000.

6. Applied Microwave and Wireless Magazine This is a free magazine from Noble Publishing dedicated to microwave and wireless technology. Address email to

7. IEEE If you are a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, then the IEEE Spectrum magazine is free.

8. Electronic News Electronic News Online delivers the news you've depended on for years, as it happens.

12 volt Mobile electronics publication for industry memebers
Appliance Techtalk For professional service technicians
Circuit Cellar INK Microcontrollers and computers
Compliance Engineering Info source on regulatory compliance for the EE industry
Computer Controlled Systems Computer Design For engineering managers and senior electronic designers
EIO Electronics Online Magazine
Electronics for You
Electronic Experimenter's Journal
Electronics Now SA hobby electronics
Elektor (German version) German electronics magazine with good projects
Electronics - The Maplin Magazine
Elektuur Dutch version of Elektor
Elrad Electronics hobby magazine in German
Everyday Practical Electronics
EDN Products Edition
Electronics Component News
Electronics Weekly Hyperactive UK magazine, free web version needs registration
Integrated Systems Design
Microwave Engineering Europe
Miller Freeman Magazines Electronic Times, Electronic Engineering, etc
Newton's International Electrical Journal
Nuts & Volts Magazine Hobby electronics
Personal Engineering & Instrumentation Engineers who use PCs as technical productivity aids
Power Quality
Prosessori Finish magazine on computer hardware, microcontrollers.
Real-Time Magazine
SENSORS Worldlink
Spread Spectrum Scene wireless communication, PCS and digital, etc

On-Line Electronics Magazines

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