MC68HRC908 Reference Page

The MC68HRC908JK1 is one of the simplest, inexpensive, and easiest to use microcontrollers available.

The M68ICS08JLJK in-circuit simulator from Motorola programs the following microcontrollers. Both DIP and surface mount versions are available.

This page has nothing to do with the MC68HC11 Based Function Generator; it is just linked to from the MC68HC11 page. The figure above is a reference design that shows a stand along configuration of the lowest cost Motorola microcontroller. The "R" designation in "HRC" indicates that the oscillator can be an external R-C (not requiring a crystal). By comparison, the MC68HCXXX microcontrollers require a crystal, or external oscillator. The microcontroller shown above is an operational microcontroller with 1.536 Kbytes of internal flash memory, and an internal 8-bit A/D converter. The "1" indicates 1.536 Kbytes of internal flash. The "3" indicates 4.096 Kbytes of internal flash. Other microcontrollers (not shown in the table above) in this same family are available with more flash and more I/O ports.

The M68ICS08JLJK packing list includes the following:

ICS08JLJK In-Circuit Simulator, M68ICS08JLJK
ICS08JLJK Users Manual, M68ICS08JLJKUM/D
Operator's Manual for ICS08, M68ICS08SOM/D
ICS08JLJK Addendum, ICS08JLJKAD/D, April 2000
Data Book, MC68HC908JL3/H
ICS08JLZ Development Software Envelope, M68ICS08JLZ
Power Supply, AC/DC, 5 VDC with adapters
Target Cable, 20-Pin DIP, 6"
Target Cable, 28-Pin DIP, 6"
16-Pin MONO8 Cable
Programmer Cable, 2-PIN, 9"
Serial Cable, DB9, 6 ft.
Plastic Box with Samples (MC68HC908JL3CP, MC68HRC908JL3CP)
Warranty Card, WNTYCARD


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