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Bi-directional amplifier Classic Bi-Directional Amplifier
Design and Implement Any Filter in Less than 60 Seconds Design and Implement Any Filter in Less than 60 Seconds
The 180 Degree Hybrid Junction Analysis of the hybrid junction
ADS Tutorial A mini-tutorial on HP's Advanced Design System software
Capacitively Coupled Power Supply A capacitor coupled dc power supply for CATV applications.
Bartlett's Bisection Theorem Modify passive filters for unequal terminations.
RF Directional Couplers The design and analysis of wirewound toroidal directional couplers.
Modified Howland Current Source A constant current source using an op-amp.
Impedance Transformers An adjustable 4/9:1 - 9:1 impedance transformer.
Gilbert Cells   Introduction to Gilbert cells.
How to Solder The correct procedure, despite what you might have been taught.
Laser Predistortion Predistortion of a broadband analog signal for laser modulation
Magic-T The magic-T and its applications.
Introduction to Mixers Definition of mixers.
Mixers in Communications Using mixers in radio communications.
Modem AT Command Set Comprehensive list and explanation of the AT command set.
Document 20020178454 Broadcast Television and Satellite Signal Switching System and Method for Telephony Signal Insertion
Document 20020191718 Method and Apparatus for Automatically Compensating for Attenuation in a Received Signal
Patent 6,218,885 Varactor diode provides temperature stability for FM quadrature demodulator.
Patent 6,380,720 Dual Mode Power Supply
Patent 7,046,985 Security System
Patent 8,360,984 Hypertension system and method
Patent 8,237,451 Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 8,159,348 Communication system with antenna box amplifier
Patent 7,973,540 Coupling loop and method of positioning coupling loop
Patent 7,936,174 Coupling loop
Patent 7,932,732 Preventing a false lock in a phase lock loop
Patent 7,839,153 Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,710,103 Preventing false locks in a system that communicates with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,679,355 Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,667,547 Loosely-coupled oscillator
Patent 7,595,647 Cable assembly for a coupling loop
Patent 7,550,978 Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,498,799 Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,492,144 Preventing false locks in a system that communicates with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,466,120 Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,439,723 Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor
Patent 7,432,723 Coupling loop
Patent 6,114,924   (pic) Dual Core RF Directional Coupler

Third Party Tutorials

Alpha Industries Tutorials Varactor controlled phase shifter, VCO design, PIN diodes attenuator design
Circuit Sage Impedance Matching, Transmission Line Design, Bandgap Design, Inductor Design, Filter Design, PLL Design, Smith Chart
Integrated Publishing Electrical Engineering training series, engineering basics, patent your ideas, college contact information, government agency links, programming, famous quotations, internet submissions, basio machines, much more.
Maxim Application Notes A/D and D/A conversions/sampling circuits, amplifiers, analog, filters, battery charger, bias supply circuits, circuit protections, fiber optic circuits, high frequency wireless circuits, interface, measurement circuits, miscellaneous circuits, power supply circuits, supervisory/voltage monitor circuits, video circuits
National Semiconductor's Application Notes I/O products, amplifiers, buffers, comparators, data acquisition, display circuits, flat panel display, interface, references, regulators, temperature sensors, audio, automotive, microcontrollers, microprocessor, aeorspace, software, networks, telecommunications, wireless base station, wireless communications
New Wave Instruments Active filters, adaptive equalizers, adaptive filters, amplifiers, antennas, coding theory, digital demodulation, detection theory, digital filters, digital modulation DSP, adaptive equalizers, LC filters, microstrip/stripline filters, information theory, instruments, multiplexing techniques, oscillators, phase locked loops, Pspice & Spice, Smith Chart, transmission lines, voltage controlled oscillators
Online Symposium of Electrical Engineers Wireless communications, data networking, analog and RF electronics, DSP, ebmedded processing, digital logic design, bioelectronics, materials and devices, electronic systems, power electronics
Spread Spectrum Tutorials The ABCs of Spread Spectrum - A Tutorial on SS
Texas Instruments DSP, digital logic, memory, analog & mixed-signal, networking, processors, automotive, computing, control systems, digital control systems & motor control, image & radar, medical, telecommunications, wireless
Williamson-Labs Famous last words, UFO film clip, NTSC, bypassing, shielding, decoupling, layout, resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, op-amps, 555 timer, ISD chip, digital logic, special technologies, communications, optical, RF, mixers & modulation, filters, transmission lines, HAM radio, television, antennas, cellphones, radar, sound, graphics


A sampling of on-line engineering courses offered by U.S. universities.

School Course or programs School Course or programs
Free Video Lectures
All Classes
New Jersey Insitute of Technology
Computer network design
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Madison, N.J.
Computer networks
Electrical engineering
New York University
New York City
Internet/Web technologies
Multimedia technologies
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Digital signal processing
Mechanical engineering
Pace University,
New York City
Computer science
Information systems
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Computer and information sciences
Pennsylvania State University
University Park
Geographic information systems
Management info. systems
Noise control engineering
Reliability engineering
University of Illinois Online
Expert systems
Microelectronics processing
Power electronics
Reliability engineernig
University of Southern California
Los Angeles
Aerospace engineering
Computer science
Electrical engineering
Industrial and systems engineering
Kansas State University
Software engineering Stanford University
Artificial intelligence
Computational molecular biology
Optical-fiber communications
Wireless communications
University of Maryland
University College, Adelphi
Computer systems management
Environmental management
Software engineering
Telecommunications management
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, N.J.
Computer science
Technology management
Telecommunications management
Wireless communications
University of Massachusetts
Information systems
Intranet development
University of Wisconsin
Engineering economics


A program for Multistage Decimation, Interpolation, and Narrow Band Filtering
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