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Electronic Filter Design -ElecFilDes - 30 day free trial , elliptic, active, passive, IIR, FIR, education emphasis Download
Electronic Filter Analysis and Synthesis -Filter theory textbook (Artech House, or on the Internet)

68HC11 cross assembler,DOS, Download
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Source Code
Discrete Fourier Transform

Source Code from Appendix B of Electronic Filter Analysis and Synthesis

The examples in the textbook are necessary for understanding and using the source code programs. You can cut-and-paste the following source code listings into your own programs.

Fast Fourier Transform
Tchebyscheff Rational Function
Elliptic Poles Calculation
Even Order Passive Elliptic
Odd Order Passive Elliptic
Kaiser Window Coefficients
Fir Equiripple Order Estimation


Fairchild Semiconductor Models
Motorola Semiconductor Models
Find Spice Models

Source Code from "Programs for Digital Signal Processing",1979, ISBN 0-87942-127-4. (an IEEE Press book). You MUST have a copy of this book in order to be able to use and understand the source code listings.

FOUREA-A Short Demonstration Version of the FFT
Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms
FFT Subroutines for Sequences with Special Properties
Mixed Radix Fast Fourier Transforms
Optimized Mass Storage FFT Program
Chirp z-Transform Algorithm Program
Complex General-N Winograd Fourier Transform Algorithm (WFTA)
Time-Efficient Radix-4 Fast Fourier Transform
Two-Dimensional Mixed Radix Mass Storage Fourier Transform
Periodogram Method for Power Spectrum Estimation
Correlation Method for Power Spectrum Estimation
A Coherence and Cross Spectral Estimation Program
FASTFILT-An FFT Based Filtering Program
Linear Prediction Analysis Programs
Efficient Lattice Methods for Linear Prediction
Linear Predictor Coefficient Transformations Subroutine LPTRN
FIR Linear Phase Filter Design Program
FIR Windowed Filter Design Program - WINDOW
Design Subroutine (MXFLAT) for Symmetric FIR Low Pass Digital Filters
Subroutine for Finite Wordlength FIR Filter Design
Program for the Design of Recursive Digital Filters
Program for Minimum-p Synthesis of Recursive Digital Filters
An Optimization Program for the Design of Digital Filters
Program for Designing Finite Word-Length IIR Digital Filters
Computation of the Complex Cepstrum
Computation of the Real Cepstrum and Minimum-Phase Reconstruction
A Computer Program for Digital Interpolator Design
A General Program to Perform Sampling Rate Conversion of Data by Rational Ratios
A program for Multistage Decimation, Interpolation, and Narrow Band Filtering

The following programs were once maintained by RF Design Magazine.
Program Name Issue of RF Design Magazine
RFD0190, "Toolkit" Program, Bandpass Filters, Microstrip Networks Jan. 1990
RFD0191, Plotter Subroutine, RF Noise Basics Jan. 1991
RFD0192, VCO Tuning Range Calculations, Coil Winding Program Jan. 1992
RFD0193, Design of Constant Phase Difference Networks Jan. 1993
RFD0194, Vacuum Tube Amplifier Output Circuit Design Jan. 1994
RFD0195, Oscillator Compensation Using DDS/PLL Jan. 1995
RFD0289, Lumped Element Matching , PLL Modeling Feb. 1989
RFD0290, Fortran Versions of MININEC 2 Feb. 1990
RFD0291, Cable Equalizer Design Feb. 1991
RFD0292, Quick Microstrip Matching, Smith-Chart Matching Feb. 1992
RFD0293, Lowpass Coaxial Filter Design Feb. 1993
RFD0294, Lumped Element Network Design Feb. 1994
RFD0389, Coupled Resonator Filters, Butterworth Filter Design Feb. 1995
RFD0390, Transmission Line Matching, Cascaded Circuits March 1990
RFD0390 (MAC) Filter Program, Smith Chart Program March 1990
RFD0391, NOVA Nodal AC Analysis March 1991
RFD0392, S-Parameter Plotting, SIngle-Stage Amplifier Design March 1992
RFD0393, MNAP9 Nodal Network Analysis Program March 1993
RFD0394, Small-Signal Amplifier SPICE Accessory Program March 1994
RFD0395, CircleX, S-Parameter Inspection & Analysis March 1995
RFD0489, 90 Degree Phase Shift Networks, Bridged-Tee Equalizer April 1989
RFD0490, Unequal Splitter Design April 1990
RFD0491 April 1991
RFD0492, Stripline Desing and Analysis April 1992
RFD0493, Resistive Attenuator Design April 1993
RFD0494, NPOLE Program for Phase-Shift Network Design April 1994
RFD0495, LINC Linear Circuit Analysis Program April 1995
RFD0589, Spurious Analysis and Plotting May 1989
RFD0590, Bridged-Tee Equalizer May 1990
RFD0591, CAD of Lange Couplers May 1991
RFD0592, QMIX Mixer Spurious Analysis May 1992
RFD0593, Impedance Format Conversions May 1993
RFD0594, Impedance Transforming Filters, Narrowband Matching May 1994
RFD0595, Wideband Antenna Matching Networks May 1995
RFD0689, BASIC Program for PLLs June 1989
RFD0690, Twisted Wire Lines, Curve Fitting June 1990
RFD0691, BASIC High Resolution Plots June 1991
RFD0692, Filter Design, Noise Parameters, Elliptic Bandpass Filters June 1992
RFD0693, GPIB/RS-232 Controller June 1993
RFD0694, PLL Loop Filter Design June 1994
RFD0695, Coaxial and Waveguide Oscillator Design June 1995
RFD0789, Combined Amplifiers, Filters, Microstrip Design, Matching July 1989
RFD0790, OPFILT Active Filter Program July 1990
RFD0791, Comprehensive Filter Design July 1991
RFD0792, RF Amplifier Design Aid July 1992
RFD0793, Synthesizer Design with Detailed Noise Analysis July 1993
RFD0794 July 1994
RFD0795, RF System Design Cascaded Components July 1995
RFD0889, Chebyshev Filter Design, MathCAD Oscillator Design August 1989
RFD0890 August 1990
RFD0891, Transmission Line Calculator, ECM Effectiveness August 1991
RFD0892, RF Design Program Suite August 1992
RFD0893, XFUNC Symbolic Circuit Analysis August 1993
RFD0894, Cascaded Circuti Elements August 1994
RFD0895, Coupled-Line Filter Synthesis and Analysis August 1995
RFD0989, S-Parameters from Nodal Analysis Sept. 1989
RFD0990, Split TEE Power Divider Sept. 1990
RFD0991, Circuit Analysis for Filters, BASIC and APL Plotting Routines Sept. 1991
RFD0992, Active Elliptic Filters, Coupled Resonator Filters Sept. 1992
RFD0993, Tiny Electromagnetics Simulator Sept. 1993
RFD0994, S-Parameter Utilities, SSWEEP and SSTRIP Sept. 1994
RFD0995, Low-Cost Phase Noise Measurement Sept. 1995
RFD1089, Spurious Analysis for Wideband Mixers Oct. 1989
RFD1090, Microstrip CAD Program Oct. 1990
RFD1091, Common RF Calculations Oct. 1991
RFD1092, Noise Contribution Calculation Oct. 1992
RFD1093, Receiver Design & Analysis, ECM System Performance Oct. 1993
RFD1189, ACANAL-Nodal Network Analysis Nov. 1989
RFD1190, Broadband Matching Nov. 1990
RFD1191, Phase Noise Analysis Nov. 1991
RFD1192, SPURS Mixer Direct and Spurious Calculations Nov. 1992
RFD1193, Mixer Spurious Analysis Nov. 1993
RFD1194, Broadband Matching, Small Inductor Design Nov. 1994
RFD1195, Matching Network Program Set Nov. 1995
RFD1290, Wideband FM Demodulation Dec. 1990
RFD1291, Coaxial Cable Design and Analysis Dec. 1991
RFD1292, Mixer Spurs in Broadband EW Systems Dec. 1992
RFD1293, Copuled Microstrip Lines, S-Parameter Amplifier Design Dec. 1993
RFD1294, Ladder Filter Design Dec. 1994
RFDDR89, Chebyshev Lowpass Filters, Elliptic Lowpass Filters Dec. 1989 Directory Issue
RFDDR90, Noise Bandwidth Calculations Dec. 1990 Directory Issue
RFDDR95, Narrow Band Matching Networks Dec. 1995 Directory Issue

Interactive Applets

Receiver model for Noise Figure, IP3, and System Gain
Online Calculators from ChipCenter

A program for Multistage Decimation, Interpolation, and Narrow Band Filtering
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