Electronic Filter Analysis and Synthesis

Michael G. Ellis, Sr.

A practical design guide for filters and their CAD analysis. Sections include passive, active, digital and switched capacitor filters. The text includes details on how to synthesize lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filter realizations. Has particularly good coverage of elliptic filter theory and design. For engineers who want strong theory and analysis along with design practice guidelines.

Table of Contents 
Ch. 1 Basic Network Theory 1 
Ch. 2 The Low-Pass Butterworth Filter 27 
Ch. 3 The Low-Pass Tchebyscheff Filter 33 
Ch. 4 The Low-Pass Inverse Tchebyscheff Filter 43 
Ch. 5 The Low-Pass Elliptic Filter 53 
Ch. 6 Bandpass Transformations 61 
Ch. 7 Synthesis of Unequally Terminated Passive Filters 93 
Ch. 8 Active Filters 121 
Ch. 9 Infinite Impulse Response Digital Filters 157 
Ch. 10 Finite Impulse Response Window Filter Design 171 
Ch. 11 Equiripple Approximation of FIR Filters 191 
Ch. 12 Switched Capacitor Filters 205 
 Appendix A: Mathematical Techniques 227 
 Appendix B: Programs 235 
 Answers to Selected Questions 253 
 Bibliography 259 
 About the Author 261 
 Index 263 
Artech House 1994, 266 pages. ISBN 0-89006-616-7.

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