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Copyright 1987-1999, Mike Ellis, All Rights Reserved
If you have problems downloading, click here for alternate download site.

RFcoupler - Design and analysis for RF directional couplers, Windows, Download
Imagepre - Preview images on PC. Supports most common image formats, Windows, Download
Parallel - Program serial devices using PC's parallel port, DOS, Download
Filter - Filter design shareware software package (passive lumped element only), DOS, Download
PCfilter -PCFILTER commercial software package (Artech House, or on the Internet)
Electronic Filter Analysis and Synthesis -Filter theory textbook (Artech House, or on the Internet)
Pll - Phase Locked Loop analysis and synthesis, DOS, Download
S-Parameter conversions, Pad, L-C match, Windows, Download
Junction hybrid analysis, Windows, Download

68HC11 cross assembler,DOS, Download
Mouse driver, DOS, Download

Source Code

Discrete Fourier Transform
Source Code from Appendix B of Electronic Filter Analysis and Synthesis

The examples in the textbook are necessary for understanding and using the source code programs. You can cut-and-paste the following source code listings into your own programs.

Fast Fourier Transform
Tchebyscheff Rational Function
Elliptic Poles Calculation
Odd Order Passive Elliptic
Even Order Passive Elliptic
Kaiser Window Coefficients
Fir Equiripple Order Estimation

Source Code from "Programs for Digital Signal Processing",1979, ISBN 0-87942-127-4. (an IEEE Press book). You MUST have a copy of this book in order to be able to use and understand the source code listings.

FOUREA-A Short Demonstration Version of the FFT
Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms
FFT Subroutines for Sequences with Special Properties
Mixed Radix Fast Fourier Transforms
Optimized Mass Storage FFT Program
Chirp z-Transform Algorithm Program
Complex General-N Winograd Fourier Transform Algorithm (WFTA)
Time-Efficient Radix-4 Fast Fourier Transform
Two-Dimensional Mixed Radix Mass Storage Fourier Transform
Periodogram Method for Power Spectrum Estimation
Correlation Method for Power Spectrum Estimation
A Coherence and Cross Spectral Estimation Program
FASTFILT-An FFT Based Filtering Program
Linear Prediction Analysis Programs
Efficient Lattice Methods for Linear Prediction
Linear Predictor Coefficient Transformations Subroutine LPTRN
FIR Linear Phase Filter Design Program
FIR Windowed Filter Design Program - WINDOW
Design Subroutine (MXFLAT) for Symmetric FIR Low Pass Digital Filters
Subroutine for Finite Wordlength FIR Filter Design
Program for the Design of Recursive Digital Filters
Program for Minimum-p Synthesis of Recursive Digital Filters
An Optimization Program for the Design of Digital Filters
Program for Designing Finite Word-Length IIR Digital Filters
Computation of the Complex Cepstrum
Computation of the Real Cepstrum and Minimum-Phase Reconstruction
A Computer Program for Digital Interpolator Design
A General Program to Perform Sampling Rate Conversion of Data by Rational Ratios
A program for Multistage Decimation, Interpolation, and Narrow Band Filtering

Interactive Applets

Receiver model for Noise Figure, IP3, and System Gain

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