Keypad Configuration

Level 1 Keypad Configuration

1 2 3 Set Frequency
4 5 6 Frequency Counter
7 8 9 Calibrate EEPROM for Component Changes
Clear 0 Enter Go to level 2



Level 2 Keypad Configuration


5 Volt Pulses 12 Volt Pulses Store Frequency in EEPROM Measure Capacitance
Select Low Pass Filter, External Input Select Band Pass Filter, External Input Select High Pass Filter, External Input Connect Band Pass Filter to Synthesizer
Filter Gain
Filter Gain
Filter Gain
EEPROM Programmer
Clear Record in EEPROM and Enter Enter Measure Inductance



Level 3Keypad Configuration
(from EEPROM Programmer button. Enter access code here)


1 2 3 A
4 5 6 B
7 8 9 C
F 0 E D


Level 4 Keypad Configuration
(Pressing any button in Level 3 immediately takes you to Level 4.)

Go to Level 1   Enter New Opcode
(at Level 3)
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