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Other Favorite Books

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1. 1980 Datsun 510 Service Manual.A must for anyone who has a 1980 Datsun 510, or for those of you who should have one.

2. The Book of Knowledge, The Children's Encyclopedia, by the Grolier Society, 1943. The literary style for the 1943 version is incredibly alluring. It contains series of interesting stories, with no discernable organization by alphabetical, or any other type of, order.

3. Golden Book of Facts and Figures, by Parker. A tremendously interesting book for adolescents. The table of contents includes items like (1) Fifty Firsts, (2) Famous Hoaxes, (3)The Orbits of the Nine Planets, (4) Record Highs and Lows, (5) Nine Cloud Types, (6) Birds, (7) Plant Oddities, (8) Strange Mammals of the Past, and much more. Contains over 500 pictures in color.

4. Encyclopedia Britannica, 1938 edition I purchase this set for $5.00 and consider it an invaluable work because it contains information no longer available in more modern encyclopedias. Excellent for researching the thoughts and trends in society during the 1930's. The theory of relativity is presented in exquisite mathematical detail, Hitler is portrayed as a great German statesman, etc. Much more detail is given to topics in this 1938 set, than in more modern encyclopedias.

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