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EE Job Related Links

These are greats links for anyone looking for a job in a double E related field.
Technical Employment Consultants
Emloyment Opportunities (an alphabetical list of companies' homepages)
CDI Job Search (this is a search that finds jobs by typing keywrods)
EE Times--Where the Jobs Are
National Semiconductor
Texas Instruments
Si Valley Group They don't grow turnips here!!!
Microsoft (Gee let me see here, do I want to work for Bill Gates?)
LSI Logic
Hewlett Packard
Sun Microsystems
Analog Devices Inc.
Digital Equipment Corporation
Sarnoff Corporation
Lotus Development Corporation
Lucent Technologies(Gee let me see here, do I want to be in the company of people like Shockley, Bardeen, and Brittan?)
Textronix----> If you have not seen electronics equipment with this name on the side, you should re-evaluate your work as an EE.
Draper - The Creator of Inertial Navigation
Teradyne is the world's largest supplier of automatic test equipment and software for the electronics and telecommunications industries
Comsat Corporation
Jet Propulsion Laboratory TRW
Lockheed Martin

When the above pages don't satisfy one's needs I have found a search on Alta Vista usually does the trick!

AltaVista: Advanced Query

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