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Ecclesiastes 10:19: Money answereth all things.

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Mike's Recommendations for Your Portfolio

Scientific-Atlanta (SFA) -I used to work at SA and still hear the horror stories. SA is a first rate manufacturer, but treats engineering as an adopted step-child. My recommendation is to watch for start-ups by engineers who leave SA and invest in these new companies instead.

ANTEC (ANTC)-Since I work for this company, I know exactly what the stock is going to do, but unfortunately (for you) I cannot disclose it. However, if you are an electrical engineer, email me a resume.

HAYES-This company was always private and went bankrupt in 1999. However you can still invest in its stock by sending me all of your cash in small un-marked bills.

Stockpoint is one step ahead of the rest. The investing tools are cutting edge and easy to use. For example, the customized personal ticker allows you to track both stocks and indexes, and you can change the direction and speed of the tickers. The personal portfolio feature allows you to input the date when you bought the stock, so you can see how much you have gained, or lost, over time. And it takes brokerage commissions into account. Stockpoint’s Interactive charts are fun to play with, too. The only downside to Stockpoint is its lack of original news content.

Bloomberg is known for its 'round the clock news. But it also has a top-of-the-line investing tool, Market Monitor, offered in two versions -- slim and enhanced. The slim version will stay open on your desktop throughout the day in a separate window and keep track of up to 10 stocks or mutual funds. The enhanced version also includes charts that track the performance of each of those stocks over the past 15 trading sessions; and up-to-the-munite detailed quotes and news items. And, if youhave time to spare, sit back and watch Bloomberg TV. You'll need a fast connection and a few plug-ins to get it all to work.

Wall Street City
Wall Street City provides free unlimited real-time quotes and in-depth commentary and analysis. The customizable stock ticker is simple to use. Like spinning a roulette wheel, you just point and push to change direction and speed. Input a stock symbol and pick from 30 different options: quotes, graphs, or reports. The personal portfolio feature is basic.

Slick interactive charts allow you to track and compare key factors such as sales, earnings, analyst recommendations, technical indicators and news. Just point to the line on the chart and the date and stock price pops up; add indexes and other stocks to compare. Keep in mind the data only goes back to 1995. The Watchlist is a personalized ticker that is resizable and detachable, allowing you to keep it open while working on other applications or viewing other Web pages. Also unique is the detachable news ticker that scrolls news instead of stock prices.

Bureau of the Public Debt
Uncle Sam put together this web site for one-stop shopping and tracking of Treasury bonds and bills. The Savings Bond Wizard not only keeps an inventory of your bonds, but calculates their redemption value as well. If you're not familiar with bonds, a good source of information is Investing In at

Raging Bull
This site offers a nice combination of original articles and message boards. A quick look at the "Most Active Message Boards" section will give you an idea on what stocks are in the limelight. A recent partnership with 10K Wizard,, enables Raging Bull users to have full access to SEC documents.

Innovative use of technology, this web-site allows you to crunch numbers like a pro, without having to think like one. For example, plug in the name of a stock and the Research Wizzards tool analyzes it based on investment criteria by Peter Lynch and other investment gurus. Also, plug in the name of a stock and see summaries of articles from a handful of top financial publications.

Market Guide
Market Guide stands out from the rest with its research and stock screening tools for more than 12,000 publicly traded companies. Now part of the group, Market Guide incorporates full-text broker research in its stock quote "snapshots." Some are free. Others are pay as you go.