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Ten Great Reasons for Owning a Datsun 510.

1.  It rarely breaks down. It has not blind spots.

2.  Repair shops will be less likely to overcharge for repairs on a car that has a book value of less than $100.00.

3.  No one will ever be jealous of you.

4.  The neighbors will never ask you to take their kids anywhere. You even get shunned by hitchhikers.

5.  It gets great gas mileage, and it's Y2K compliant.

6.  People will talk about you behind your back.

7.  A would-be thief will not humiliate himself by breaking into a Datsun 510.

8.  Should you exceed the speed limit, the police will be too busy laughing to pull you over.

9.  The boss will be more inclined to give you a better raise at review time.

10. If you ever do manage to get a date, she will most certainly like you for who you are, not for what you have.

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