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Setting up Java on Your System

Software to run Java Applets/Applications
Operating SystemRecommended Browser Recommended Interpreter
WINDOWS 3.1not availableIBM's ADK Alpha Software, Use at your own risk
WINDOWS 95Netscape 3 for WIN 95Sun JDK for WIN 95
(PowerMac) System 7.5Netscape 3 for PowerMacSun JDK for Apple Mac
SolarisNetscape 3 for SolarisSun JDK for Solaris
OS/2 WarpNetscape 3 (Warp 4 Needed)JDK for (Warp 3+).
LinuxNetscape 3 for LinuxKaffe
NextStepnot availableBlackJava
Other Unix:
Netscape 3Kaffe, (i386, Sparc or PowerPC)


Installing a Java Interpreter

Firstly which computer and OS are you using?

If it's Windows 3.1 on a IBM-PC, then your only option is IBMs ADK package which is available for alpha testing from It is current alpha release software, which means that it is free but may still contain bugs. Windows 3.1 will not see the long filenames used correctly. We have supplied a batch file, ADKNAME.BAT, which should be run once to correct the filenames.

Windows 95/NT, MacOS 7.5 and many unix platforms have several Java interpreters available.

IBM Acorn RiscOS machines and Commodore nee' ESCOM nee' VISCORP Amiga plaforms cannot at present run Java. However Java development is underway for these platforms.

You may also find that your web browser can be used as a Java interpreter. For example, netscape -Java /whatdiritsin/Receiver, will run the Receiver Model program on unix provided you have Netscape 2 or 3 and your CLASSPATH eniviroment variable is set correctly.

If you wish to use the Receiver Model standalone and are running MacOS, Windows 95, Sparc or X86 Solaris you should download the JDK 1.02 package for your computer from and follow the instructions on setting JDK up. Don't worry that is says 'developer' in the title, you don't need to be a programmer.

Alternative you might like to try the the Kaffe Java interpreter which compiles on many platforms and is a lot faster than JDK. It is available from

N.B. Novice users or MS Windows users need not try this one.

IBM OS/2 users can view the applet using either Netscape for Warp version 4, or JDK for Warp versions 3+.

Unix users should contact their system administrator if they don't already have JDK or Kaffe installed.

Finally, many commercial Java interpreters are now in development, so you may want to wait for these.

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